Screenmedia launch new chatbot prototype for Drinkaware

Drinkaware’s new chatbot gives them a quick and low-cost approach to testing a new client communication channel and build a better picture of their audiences. 

In early 2021 our client Drinkaware approached us to explore new ways of engaging with their clients through chat technologies. They wanted to test if this was a channel that their audiences found useful, and if it could be used as a means to better profile and understand their audiences. 

Through a series of workshops, we identified a core set of features that could deliver value to users for the trial period. Users would be able to take a risk assessment of their drinking level, get quick links to some of Drinkaware’s tools, ask general facts about alcohol and drinking, and sign up for monthly tips on managing their drinking levels.

Drinkaware chatbot 

From this initial base, we built a rapid prototype using a no-code prototyping solution to get quick feedback on how the key journeys within the chatbot felt to testers, incorporating feedback into several iterations before the fundamentals of the chatbot’s user journeys were secured. 

We then built the chatbot using Microsoft’s Bot Framework, which allowed us to work quickly and collaboratively as a team to assemble, train, and test the bot, before deploying it to Drinkaware’s website. 

The ‘bot, which can be very affordably trialled, is packed full of features and comes with its own feedback flow to capture user opinions, backed by an out-the-box PowerBI analytics dashboard.

With the bot now live, we are monitoring its performance and user engagement, with the aim to regroup following a test phase to do a deep dive into its analytics and identify enhancements and next steps. 

You can check out the ‘bot over at  

More organisations are turning to automated and semi-automated solutions to support customers at scale, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re looking to explore how you can deploy automation to help your customer conversations, get in touch and we’d love to talk about our low-cost prototyping approach.  

Find out more about our partnership with Drinkaware in this case study. 


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