Screenmedia’s mobile experts take the stage at Flutter Scotland

After taking a short break, the Flutter Scotland Meetup is back. The event brings together a community of people throughout Scotland who want to learn, discuss, and explore all things related to Google’s cross-platform mobile development framework.

We couldn’t be prouder that our Flutter Lead Iain was selected to deliver one of the group’s first talks of the year. Iain did a great job of showcasing the power of Flutter and its benefits as a declarative UI toolkit.

If you missed the event first time round you can still watch Iain in action below:

The event itself was a great success and highlighted the power of Flutter as well as the passion that’s building within the community for the platform. We’re big fans of Flutter and in his recent article Iain discussed the reasons we think it’s going to be a game-changer in cross-platform mobile development.

At Screenmedia we’ve been successfully delivering cross-platform mobile applications for many years and our team have loved working with Flutter. If you’re planning a new mobile project or are looking to understand more about the benefits of using Flutter, get in touch and we’d love to share our thoughts.


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