We’ve launched our brand new website!

We’ve been working hard over the last few months on a completely fresh design for Screenmedia’s website to reflect our status as an internationally recognised creative technology company, and putting our values and people front and centre.

We’re thrilled that since our last site redesign in 2016, we’ve continued to grow and expand our portfolio of beautiful digital solutions for a growing range of UK and international clients. As we’ve grown, we want to showcase our new services, our work and the people at the heart of our success. After measuring our old site against top agency websites throughout the world, we realised there were many things we could do to reach the benchmark they set for great user experience and communications design.

Design with a purpose

We wanted Screenmedia’s culture and values to be felt and articulated through every part of the new site’s design. Rather than simply building upon our last site, this was a complete redesign, ensuring that we match the tone of global frontrunners in the creative technology field.

One of the more striking visual changes is the shift in colour scheme from dark to light. Though the dark tones of the former site fittingly evoked our digital and technical expertise, our design team wanted a lighter scheme to bring our creative essence back to the fore. The cleaner interface provides a more neutral stage upon which to better showcase the multitude of client brands we work with.

We have also taken a simpler, direct and minimal editorial approach make our brand, people, product and service propositions clearer and more accessible.

Overcoming obstacles

An exciting challenge for our design team was finding new ways to use our existing bank of content to best showcase our award-winning work. With fifteen years’ worth of graphics and case studies, we had to figure out how to refine the best of our content into a coherent and dynamic portfolio. With this first launch, we have 23 case studies, clearly showcasing what we do best and illustrated with our design team’s graphics. Trying to communicate and visualise our voice work proved particularly challenging for our design teams, who experimented with animation and a more conceptual approach to successfully showcase our work.

New approaches

Creating the best possible new website meant using the latest and best technology. While having previously dabbled in using the new front-end technology Vue, this is the first site we’ve created using it end-to-end. The result is an efficient and streamlined site, with fast transitions that ensure the best possible user experience.

Our design team also wanted to utilise the best possible technologies to create the site’s designs. We opted to use Sketch and Zeplin which allowed increased flexibility and efficiency, especially when designing for an ever-increasing range of screen sizes, and a smoother workflow between our design and development teams.

Screenmedia has grown a lot since first being established 15 years ago. We’re thrilled to have grown from a small Glasgow based start-up in 2004 to a 60 strong team with an international reputation today. The new site concisely showcases the best we have to offer in terms of our services, culture, portfolio and people. With our values placed front and centre, users will be able to understand not just our services but who we are as a company and what it’s like to work with us.

We’re proud to have created a site that speaks for itself, quite simply showcasing exactly what we do best: beautiful creative digital solutions.

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