Aggreko technician app

Streamlining field operations for engineers through bespoke integrations and best practice UX and UI design

The challenge

Consolidate Aggreko’s array of documentation and applications into a single app, boosting efficiency, compliance, customer satisfaction, and Aggreko’s bottom line.

The outcome

An award-winning application used worldwide by over 5,000 Aggreko field engineers.

Awards and recognition

Herald digital business award

Xamarin consultancy

Our team consulted on the app’s solution architecture, enabling Aggreko to build a solution library of modular components in Xamarin that could be reused or form the foundation of future developments.

Mobile device

Bringing modern design to the enterprise

Drawing on our experience of Aggreko’s brand and its digital application we were able to deliver a rich UI which received widespread positive feedback, setting the internal benchmark for application design at Aggreko.


The app was designed to be as modular as possible, with Screenmedia supporting component development and specifications, enabling Aggreko to use these modular components in future app projects.

Using the powerful Xamarin mobile development suite, we were able to cut the cost of developing a cross-platform solution without compromising on delivering a high quality user interface and user experience.

We used Azure to enhance the app thanks to key integrations with user authentication (Active Directory), App Centre for analytics integration, and Service Fabric for the API (hosted on Azure).


Following a pilot phase of 100 users in the AusPac region, and with zero medium or high priority issues identified, the app has been rolled out to Aggreko’s 5,000 field technicians globally.

In less than 12 months, Screenmedia helped Aggreko transform their working practices, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency exponentially. The project has been hugely successful and the Aggreko18 programme of transformation is on track for completion later this year.


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