BRE Group

A beautiful animation showcasing building control tools that reduce the energy consumption of buildings in Europe.

Scripts and story boards

Having a close partnership with a local voiceover studio, we were able to work with BRE Group to source a VO artist, develop scripts and record the VO track within tight timeframes.

This combined with lo-fidelity storyboards allowed us to enter the animation phase of the project in under a week.

Assets and styleframes

We created styleframes that showcase the look and feel of the animation, informing what assets were needed for the animation and how stylised they would be.

Bringing the story to life

By taking careful consideration of the smallest of details, we created a beautiful animation that helps bring life and illustrate the value of the BEMServer project.


Finishing ahead of schedule on the project, we were able to enhance the animation further to BRE Group’s delight.

The resulting animation showcased the importance and value of the BEMServer’s innovative solution to reducing the energy performance gap in buildings across Europe, with careful consideration of the target audience. We were delighted to help BRE Group in their endeavour, and look forward to working with them again in future.

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