SPT Travel Diary

Digitising paper-based travel diaries into a responsive multi-platform web application

The challenge

Digitise SPT’s paper-based travel survey diaries to improve data capture and allow for faster processing to help SPT better understand their commuters.

The outcome

An intuitive web app that offers more accurate and timely understanding of their audience’s needs while cutting administration costs.

Helping businesses become digital-first

Designed to be intuitive for both new and returning users, we used the original paper-based survey as basis while conforming to best practice digital form design and data capture.

Mobile device
Convenient and intuitive

We created the mobile first solution to be easily and accurately filled out on the move, with key integrations to minimise user input.


We used our expertise in Umbraco development and integrations to deliver a solution that was fast, scalable, and worked across both web and mobile.

Developed using the open-source Umbraco content management system, our solution allows SPT to customise content and questions for each survey phase.

Hosting on Amazon AWS ensures the solution can cope with traffic increases and deliver a fast and reliable experience for survey participants.

Integrating data validation service PCA Predict boosts data quality and cuts error rates, ensuring less administration work and more accurate insights for SPT staff.

The integration of Google Maps allowed participants to enter the start and end points of their journeys as they travelled.


The new digital travel diary launched in time for SPT’s April 2018 survey phase and was well received by participants. By digitising a key part of their data capture, SPT stands not only to make it easier for their customers to contribute to and feedback on their services, they are also cutting administration costs and expediting the processing of their data, leading to a better, more accurate, and more timely understanding of their audience’s needs.

As daily users of SPT services, we’re delighted to be part of the organisation’s journey in becoming a digital-first enterprise and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

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