Honeywell TCC Home Automation

An innovative home automation app featuring a cross-platform solution for smartphone, Apple Watch and Google Home

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The challenge

Define the vision, strategy, design and development for a new home automation product.

The outcome

An award winning suite of applications that push industry standards and delight users.

Awards and recognition

Webby Honoree

Our approach

By putting our users at the core of our analysis and design activities, we ensured that each and every requirement had a clear benefit to the user.

Placing the home at the centre of the app’s interaction, we worked closely with busy homeowners who value comfort and efficiency to deliver an engaging, intuitive application allowing users to control multiple locations, set the indoor heating temperature, and initiate a range of Quick Actions. This ensures they have the flexibility to conveniently optimise comfort and energy consumption on the go.

Mobile app

The app delivers a range of features that empowers users with full control of their home heating system from anywhere in the world.

The app allows users to manage their unique day-to-day heating needs by ensuring they have the flexibility to conveniently optimize comfort and energy consumption. Some of the features include: multiple zones, multiple locations, target temperatures, quick actions, local weather, and the ability to set and manage a heating schedule.

Mobile device

Google Home

After the initial success of the app, Honeywell approached Screenmedia to bring voice control to their premium smart home heating solution TCC.

In January 2017 we launched a smart home action for the Google Home, becoming the first UK company to build a Google Action for the smart speaker. With a substantial number of users within the first 24 hours of release, it was an immediate success for Honeywell and Google.


We used several technologies and a great range of integrations to underpin the success of the project.

Using the powerful Xamarin mobile development suite, we were able to cut the cost of developing a cross-platform solution without compromising on delivering a high quality user interface and user experience.

We used Microsoft Azure to help develop a complex integration with voice technologies, allowing us to integrate additional client APIs and deliver a robust solution.

In addition to our own experimentations with voice, we worked directly with the development team at Google to uncover best practice for developing with Google Assistant.

Following the success of the mobile app, we developed a Pebble app to provide users with a range of heating control features including giving them a real-time view of their home heating system at a glance.

“Screenmedia brought a real creative input to the work while maintaining a focus upon usability and style issues which were very important to us. From start to finish the project management was excellent, and Screenmedia were flexible to fit in with our own changing priorities and needs.”
Ken Skea

Product Innovation Manager at Honeywell


The app was the first of its kind in the European Market and it was an immediate success, receiving a raft of 5-star reviews and even going on to win 3 awards for Best Mobile App. This success led us to expand the TCC Home Automation offering to smart watches and voice assistants, earning praise from both Honeywell and Google.

Stats and awards


5-star reviews of the app


UK company to launch Google Home app

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