University of the West of Scotland

A beautiful, engaging new website to raise University of the West of Scotland’s international profile

The challenge

Create a modern flexible website that could stand out to prospective students in a competitive market while carrying an international appeal.

The outcome

A beautiful and intuitive university website that raises UWS’ profile both nationally and globally, providing a foundation for the university’s future growth.

A site fit for the future

Our designs gave the site a thoroughly modern treatment, interpreting UWS’ brand guidelines into bold, colourful layouts, fresh typography, and immersive photography.

Customisable to their needs

UWS wanted their new website to be more visual and usable than its predecessor, and to place the students and their stories front and centre. To achieve this, we created a variety of customisable and technically complex design elements and templates, from multiple header banners to clear and intuitive mega navigation, allowing for dynamic variation in their regular annual campaigns and across the site.


UWS’s website launched at the start of the 2017/18 academic year and has been received with immense enthusiasm by both staff and students. The new site is captivating from the first impression and clearly differentiates UWS in a competitive field.

The new site is a foundation for the university’s future growth, and stands to move it forward as a truly modern institution.

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